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T39 Pump

Product #:  T39
Brand:  ABAC/ American IMC
ABAC/American IMC Pump T39 Model                                                    

25.25 CFM @ 100 PSI

22.28 CFM @ 175 PSI(7.5 HP)

5.0 - 7.5 HP

 Min RPM 700

Max RPM 1400

Max Pressure 175 psi

15" flywheel Includes flywheel, aftercooler and air filter. The T39 replaced the T35. Same fittings and bolt pattern. Only difference is crank and connecting rods. Mounting holes front to back are 6.57" Side to side holes = 9.25"

This Pump must be shipped by freight truck. No UPS shipping on this pump


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Model/Part Number: 4116090019, T39 (T39, 1312101036)

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Price:  $729.00

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Price: $729.00

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